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Balloon bonding day - Give your employees something truly different

A company bonding day can be a cliché and may miss out on its real purpose if it’s done wrong.

A bonding day is an investment with a great amount of benefits

It is important to remember that a bonding day always has an important goal for the business or firm owner...The goal of a company's bonding day is to get your people out of the rut and give them what you normally expect them to give to the business - Something extraordinary! Give your employees a bonding day where you really make them feel special and you will get a lot from them back.


In 2020, most of us no longer have the patience for overused concepts, we've all seen everything, but we can tell you a simple thing...

Since our balloon fleet has grown so much that we can fly groups of 20 or more, Balloon bonding day has become the most popular thing among many of the leading companies in the economy.


Since 2012, our business flight department has flown thousands of employees and executive teams of the leading companies in the market. High-tech companies, banks, and leading companies in their subjective fields understand the power of an extraordinary bonding day.


For businesses and companies, we offer three different packages of hot-air balloon flights that are divided in terms of group sizes, and, of course, different budgets.


If your bonding day is between 10 people and 300, We suggest you talk to us and explore the different possibilities of turning your next bonding day into an unforgettable one for all your employees. The organizers will receive a critique and the owners will be given back from the workers the treatment she/he gave during the effortful bonding day. 


In Sky Trek hot-air balloons you will find the largest balloon fleet in Israel and a great and experienced air team  along with our professional and experienced service personnel. We're all here to allow you to execute the most special bonding day you haven't done yet.

"Fly and chase"! - Business balloon bonding day package
"Sky Trek VIP" - Business balloon bonding day package
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