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"Fly and chase"! - Business balloon bonding day package

"Flying and chasing" is our best-selling flight package for the business sector and for obvious reasons... Perfect combination of an excellent price and experience from another world.


This business-sector flight package is suitable for groups of 20 to 120 people!


In practice, the passengers receive all the treats and activities available at Sky Trek VIP for service and flight specifications, the difference is that the flight time lasts about 30 minutes instead of an hour.

How does it work? 

1. You come in the morning with the whole team launch site, and get hot air "boarding passes.’

2. You will meet our team and experienced pilots who will provide a comprehensive and professional safety briefing for the entire team.

3. Enjoy the morning atmosphere and nature-during reception with all kinds of hot drinks, homemade cookies, cakes and chocolate.

4. You watch the balloon inflate and even go into the balloon to take a picture! Don't forget to post a insta story on the balloon!

5. The whole group is divided into two groups. Air crew and ground crew.

6. The Air Team goes into the basket of your team's private balloon and you begin to feel the adrenaline go up as the pilot warms the burners ground crew helps prepare the balloon for takeoff.

7. We take off at sunrise in the world's oldest aircraft for the most amazing group experience. It will take about an hour or more to reach 6,000 feet.

8. During the flight, the audio system installed on each balloon plays a pleasant music that makes the bonding day more enjoyable.

9. During the flight, the pilot will take pictures of you on an HD Extreme camera! Later you'll even get the pictures as a gift!

10. You can enjoy our exclusive service throughout the flight, from hats and blankets for our travelers, views to spectacular scenery, and even soap bubbles! (You don't realize how much fun it is to blow soap bubbles out of a hot air balloon!).

11. After the first landing, the teams will switch roles, the Air Force will become the Ground Team and vise versa. 

12. After our final soft landing, our team will deploy a corner with mats, chairs and a refreshment table with natural juices and morning snacks (you can pre-order specific things you like).

13. Time for tradition! The pilot will now tell you a short story about the amazing history of hot air balloons, and you will be transferred to the launch of our traditional champagne bottle!

14. Drinking cool, high-quality sparkling wine (there is also grape juice for kids), with the pilot in open nature (in real crystal cups - without compromise) the feeling of adrenaline will turn to dopamine..

15. You will then get flight certificates from the pilot to hang in your office…

16. Boarding our air-conditioned vehicles (exclusive with full travel insurance) we will take you back to the departure site and your private vehicle in maximum comfort.

17. On the way home, you realize this time the boss has invested in you for real…

You can also include: 

● Branding the basket with a banner on which your company logo is printed or whatever message you want.

● Welcome or refreshment table with your own requirements.

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