Corporate action

View flights with many participants!

You have a huge event and you want to surprise the guests with a hot-air balloon?

Here is the opportunity to give the balloon flight experience to groups of 50-300 people at a price that works for every pocket, anywhere you want in the country!


On our observation flights, the Sky Trek team comes with our balloon wherever you like. We Anchor the balloon to the ground with long ropes and raise participants to the air for an amazing experience.

An amazing flight experience for large groups!

A balloon view flight is a designated activity for large groups (up to 300 people!). The activity lasts for up to 2 hours with the ball grounded picking up passengers,  or up in the sky. Every time, you go up, 5-15 minutes into the air, you get amazed by the beauty, you take amazing pictures, collect experiences and land softly back on the ground. 

A country picnic and a relaxation area on the ground!

When we meet at the airstrip and during the course of action, you will find a luxurious spread of cold and hot drinks, homemade pastries, and refreshments so you will be full and happy!At your service we will arrange wide mats on the ground and comfortable chairs for the duration of the activity so you can sit down, relax and just enjoy the morning view and the air.

Who is this for?

Private company events, summer camps, various productions and large groups with relatively low budgets.


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