All you need to know about Hot air balloons

The attire, of course, is seasonal, but in the summer days it may become a little chilly in the early mornings. Therefore, we recommend carrying a top garment too. Furthermore, Team Sky Trek strongly recommends coming on board with your shoes closed and comfortable ( It's hard to get on a hot air balloon in heels…) It is also highly recommended that you bring a hat!

We usually limit the age of flight to participants that are of the ages five to 95 years. However, there are some activities that younger children can also attend if the child's head reaches the side of the basket and if they are able to see the view.

Of course! Actually, it's an experience within itself for a companion. Just coordinate with us in advance regarding how many people will join you from the ground and we'll make sure you have an amazing experience.

Generally, the balloon flight is about an hour of travelling with the wind. However, the exact duration of the flight cannot be predicted as it depends on the weather conditions on the day of the flight. Of course, we'd prefer you have as long and fun a flight as possible, and there are a lot of times when we stay in the air for a longer duration. 

The full experience lasts much longer than an hour. It actually starts from the moment you meet with our professional team on the tarmac, and until you drink the last sip of champagne. A total of 3-4 hours...


In order to fully enjoy a hot-air balloon flight, the weather must be good and the wind should be calm, the most convenient and appropriate time for this is early in the morning, just after sunrise. We will meet you in the early morning (the time varies according to the season) at the departure airport. We'll soak up the morning smell, sip warm herbal tea, and together with the sun we'll rise to the sky.

During the winter season, when the weather is stable, beautiful afternoon flights are also available.


At Sky Trek, we are ready for flights 24/7, (of course, depending on the weather conditions) so that at any time you will choose: Weekdays, weekends and holidays -- we'll take you to the sky.

The truth? Every flight in our beautiful country's skies is unique, and every season of the year has its charms. In winter and spring, great visibility and wonderful colors emerge from all over the place, and in summer, the mornings are pleasant, the sky is bright and it is possible to see the farmers working in the fields. So, the favorite season for balloon flight is - all year long! All you have to do is choose when you feel like flying.


The most important thing to us is that your flight will take place in the best conditions that ensure you have a perfect experience. If the pilot and Sky Trek team decide at any time that the weather conditions are not suitable for a great flight, the flight will not be operated.

Fortunately, Israel is one of the countries with the  most number of flying days in the world and the chance to cancel as a result of the weather is very low.

At the end of the day flying in a hot air balloon is a unique experience, so waiting for the perfect morning is completely worth it.


A hot air balloon is the safest aircraft in the world and we fly only if all conditions are perfect. To ensure a safe and calm flight:

  • We at Sky Trek follow the most strict safety protocols in the world.
  • Our aircraft are maintained to the highest standard in the test facility, in cooperation with the Civil Aviation Authority.
  • The balloon pilot holds a commercial license for balloon flying and has  multi-million-hour flight experience. 
  • Every flight is always backed up by a trained ground crew who takes good care of us from the ground.