The amazing people behind Skytrek

Amir Shemer
CEO and Chief Pilot
Libi Shemer
Amir's inspiration (and wife..)
Moran Itzkovich
Commercial pilot
Shai Nir
Commercial Pilot
Shai Skel
Commercial pilot and technician
Dror Ginat
Commercial pilot, instructor and technician
Oded Gershoni
Balloon technician
Lior Shemer
head of Maintenance
Chen Arieli
Customer Service Manager
Sivan Gros
Sales and customer service
Sivan Barmi
Sales and Business Customers

Our world famous ground crew dudes!

They are the people who take care of you from the ground… While you're flying through the air, they're making sure your equipment is assembled and folded, that you are picked up from the field just in time, and that you smile and have fun! When you're in the air, it's good to know that there are people taking care of you on the ground. 


Beyond these members, Sky Trek has many other ground staff personnel, event founders, and field personnel who all have the same goal: To do what they love and share their love of the profession with others. We can assure you that you are in very good hands.